Lamp Replacement Parts

Replacing a broken part is like recycling your lamp. When you love a lamp and one part of it breaks, bring it to Albright's Little Red Barn. If the part is still manufactured, your lamp is fixable.

When you walk around the Little Red Barn, you'll find all sorts of new and vintage replacement parts for virtually any type of lamp. Finials, harps, sockets and bases are all neatly sorted and accessible. Through the years, the Albrights have purchased vintage lamp replacement parts when the opportunity arose. So browsing through their parts can be pleasantly nostalgic.

Don't miss the shelves of bases; you'll find solid mahogany, brass, metals and even eclectic ash trays from the 1950's.

As an authorized Aladdin dealer, Albright’s Little Red Barn carries both new and vintage Aladdin parts too. They take care of repairs for any of these lamps – whether it's a handy kerosene lantern for the next power outage, a collector's piece or an electrified version of an older lamp. Or you could choose to have a lamp that can go both ways: kerosene or electric. Ask us about how that works.

You can have touch lamps or any other type of lamp repaired here. If the replacement part is still made, your lamp can be fixed. However, don't be surprised when Johnny pulls out the piece you need from his work area.

If you have a lamp needing a little – or big – fix, give us a call, contact us or drop by.