When you walk into Johnny Albright's work space, you never know what you might find. Of course you can be assured of a well-stocked supply of vintage and current lamp parts. What always varies is the something special that makes a custom lamp fascinating and tells a story.

Many customers trust Johnny with their treasures and ask him to turn them into a very special piece. Recently, a patron asked him to construct a lamp using a large turtle shell. The results were stunning: the turtle shell itself was set on a handsome mahogany base finished in bronze, topped by an oatmeal-colored linen shade and crowned by a brown jade finial.

Whenever you browse, you may find Johnny intent on his workmanship. Starting with a horse book end, a circa 1910 Satsuma vase or an Oriental figure, he creates custom lamps that are as practical as they are beautiful.

Sometimes an antique piece may be re-purposed more than once. One example is a Ruby lamp that was reworked from a circa 1880 hall lantern into a 1960's style lamp with a heavy black painted mounting. Recently, the owner asked the Albrights to give the ruby lamp a new life in an updated setting.

Through the years, the Albrights have purchased vintage lamp parts when the opportunity arose. One example is a treasure trove of fonts wrapped in paper that dates to the 1950's. You'll also find an assortment of bases – both vintage and new. The more you browse, the more you discover both old and new supplies.

Each custom lamp is meticulously handcrafted and always wired safely to meet code. If you have a beloved item or object d'art that you can envision as a lamp, give us a call. If you can imagine it, let us create it!