Chandelier Refurbishment and Repair

Revamp, Restore, Refurbish, Renovate, Restructure, Recreate or Repair…If your chandelier looks a little dated, Johnny can make it currently fashionable. Do you need crystal replacements? Perhaps you'd like to update your piece with differently colored or shaped crystals. A French cut prism might suit you perfectly.

Through the years, Johnny's taken care of chandeliers in various levels of disarray. Perhaps one of the arms broke and needed to be redone, Or the center ball needed replacing or bigger cups were required. Simple changes can make a huge difference.

With the passing of time, the wires holding crystals in place can be broken with wear. New brass pins can hold the crystals in place once they are “re-pinned” or twisted into place. Once that's been done on older crystals, it's very difficult to tell that such work has been done because the new work blends into the piece so well.

Although there's no such thing as a standard chandelier, here are the steps usually taken when one is being redone:

1. Tear the chandelier down completely.
2. Wash it inside and out.
3. Polish and lacquer the surfaces, or leave as is for a vintage look.
4. Completely rewire to meet code.

If your chandelier isn't working, needs repair, or no longer matches your vision, give us a call and let's talk about what you have in mind. Or if you're looking for inspiration, drop by and have a look around the shop. Let us show you what we've done and talk about what we can do to have make your chandelier sparkle again!