How to Choose a Chandelier: Getting Proportions Right

The right chandelier can not only light up your life but serve as a stunning focal point for your dining room. Choosing a suitable fixture with the right proportions for the spot you’ve picked out can present a few challenges. Consider these quick tips to help you choose like a pro:

1. Convert room dimensions to fixture dimensions. First, add your room dimensions together. For instance a 12 by 18 foot room would add up to 30 feet. Now convert your feet to inches, and in this same example, a 30 inch chandelier would be perfect.

2. Look at your dining room table. When you want to add a chandelier to your dining room, measure the width of your table and choose a light fixture with a diameter that's approximately one half the width of your table.

3. Look to ceiling for installation clues.
The rule of thumb is that an 8-foot ceiling requires that the chandelier should be installed 30 inches above the tabletop. For every added foot of ceiling height, add 3 inches. (For example, a 10-feet ceiling needs a light fixture 36 inches above the tabletop.)

When you've got your measurements, drop by the Little Red Barn and explore the selection of light fixtures. We'd love to show you around.