About Us

When you drive by, you can't help but notice and be intrigued by the Little Red Barn at 1609 N. Highway 87 in Elon. If you have any hankering for antiques or a particular interest in lighting fixtures, this stop is one you'll want to make.

Johnny and Sandy Albright, owners of the Little Red Barn, have conducted their antique business in Elon for many years. They're known across the United States for their excellent collection of antique furniture, lamps, lighting fixtures, china, glassware and accessories.

The Little Red Barn's specialty is lamp and chandelier restoration and repair. You'll find an impressive array of lamp parts as well as a stock of hundreds of lamp shades in all styles and sizes. An authorized Aladdin dealer, the Little Red Barn stocks replacement parts for the old kerosene mantle lamps. So you can be ready when the electricity goes out.

The Little Red Barn's definitely worth a closer look. Come by and take a look at their enviable selection of collectibles and antiques.